Monday, April 22, 2024
Drought devastates corn fields across Negros Occidental, Philippines
Recent data from the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) in Negros Occidental, Philippines, revealed that drought has ravaged approximately 3,241 hectares of corn and rice fields in 24 local government units (LGUs) across the provi ...
Saturday, April 20, 2024
JBS to double processing capacity in Mato Grosso do Sul, becoming Brazil's largest
JBS has announced plans to double the processing capacity and workforce at its Campo Grande II unit in Mato Grosso do Sul, positioning it as the largest beef plant in Brazil, Latin America, and one of JBS's top three globally, Perishable Ne ...
Thursday, April 11, 2024
Philippines' Carabao Centre achieves record milk yield from crossbred buffalo
The Philippines' Department of Agriculture and Philippine Carabao Centre (DA-PCC) announced a significant milestone in its Genetic Improvement Program (GIP), reporting a ground-breaking yield from its crossbred buffalo, Philippine News Agen ...
Tuesday, April 9, 2024
Brazil's Mato Grosso faces billions in losses amid decline in grain production
A recent report by the agricultural economics institute Imea found that Mato Grosso, Brazil's leading grain-producing state, may encounter a substantial decrease in gross production value this year, amounting to BRL 53.9 billion (US$10.6 bi ...
Tuesday, April 2, 2024
Pirbright Institute pursues cross-protection vaccines for ASF
In a bid to address the profound impact of African swine fever (ASF) on global food security, researchers at Pirbright Institute in the UK have secured funding from the Medical Research Council to evaluate the cross-protection potential of ...
Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Rabobank: Rise in gross margins of Australia's winter crops in 2024-25 with lower production cost
Gross margins for Australia's winter crops in 2024-25 are set to increase on the back of a lower cost of production, according to Rabobank.
Tuesday, March 12, 2024
EU's gross indigenous production of bovine animals to hit 12.1 million head in second semester of 2024
The gross indigenous production (GIP) of bovine animals produced in the European Union during the second semester of 2024 is projected to reach 12.1 million head.
Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Taiwan's Premier suggests cross-contamination may explain pork additive scare
Taiwan's Premier Chen Chien-jen informed lawmakers that a potential case of cross-contamination could have led Taichung Health Bureau to mistakenly detect banned additives in a sample of pork slices provided by Taiwan Sugar Corp (Taisugar), ...
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
The distribution of the poultry egg and layer industry across China
As of July 2023, there were 68 egg producers in China with inventories of one million or more laying hens.
Friday, February 16, 2024
Canada's fisheries department accused of "gross mismanagement" of aquaculture in British Columbia
An Indigenous-led group in Canada is criticising what it says is the "gross mismanagement" of aquaculture in British Columbia by the country's Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), as it called for a separation of its regulato ...
Thursday, February 8, 2024
Aviagen releases new parent stock handbooks for Arbor Acres, Indian River and Ross brands
Aviagen's Global Technical Transfer (GTT) team announced the release of its updated Parent Stock Handbooks for its Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® brands.
Monday, February 5, 2024
Aviagen: Wadi Poultry Group holds broiler roadshows across Egypt
Wadi Poultry Group, Aviagen's Ross® 308 parent stock (PS) distributor in Egypt, recently held two roadshows for their broiler customers across Egypt.
Monday, January 22, 2024
Kenanga Investment Bank expresses optimism in QL Resources' growth across diverse segments
Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd (Kenanga IB) shared an optimistic outlook on the near-term prospects of Malaysian agriculture firm QL Resources, highlighting the pivotal role of livestock farming and marine products in driving the company's gro ...
Tuesday, January 9, 2024
California heaviest affected by avian influenza as disease rages across US
Farms across California, the United States, have had to euthanise several million chickens and ducks in recent weeks, as a wave of avian influenza threatens to upend US poultry and egg supplies.
Thursday, November 16, 2023
Aviagen distributor demonstrates to Sri Lankan poultry market that "Ross delivers"
Aviagen® marks a significant entry into the Sri Lankan poultry market, allying with valued distributor Pussalla to introduce top-quality Ross® 308 broiler breeding stock to local poultry producers, Aviagen said.

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