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eFeedLink is a premier information media
in the livestock & feed industry value chain

eFeedLink.com provides market and industry updates and facilitates the sharing of technical knowledge through the technical forum. Together with the latest analysis of key feed ingredients, feed additives and livestock markets, we offer a comprehensive overview of the feed to meat sector.
LIVESTOCK & FEED Business provides industry and market information and in-depth analysis of agribusiness trends and developments worldwide. It is a must-read for key decision makers from the feed and livestock industry to stay abreast of emerging market developments, industry happenings and technologies.
eFL Research
eFL Research provides research and consultancy services in China and other parts of Asia. With our expertise and an extensive network in Asia's feed to meat supply chains, we offer quantitative and qualitative research on branding and marketing, customer satisfaction and competitor intelligence. Speak to us today for customised research and other services.
SpoutINFO is an innovative market intelligence platform that enhances data collection and provides immediate access to information beneficial for business decision making. It is a service from eFeedLink, the leading market information and content provider for the agribusiness industry.
SpoutINFO exploits the power of information sharing and utilizes Big Data in tandem with the analysis of domain experts in their respective fields to provide accurate, timely and independent market information for the industry.
Technical Forum

The online industry technical centre.

Technical Library – Technical content collated in a compendium of technical papers as the leading resource for the industry, categorised in highly relevant topics.
Technical Forum - Technical expertise sharing on relevant issues and topics. Engage your preferred targeted audience, from feed millers and farms.
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