Wednesday, January 31, 2024
India imports 40,000 doses of bull semen from Brazil to increase milk production
India has imported 40,000 doses of bull semen from Brazil, which will be used in artificial insemination as the country attempts to drive milk production, according to a report by Mint.
Wednesday, January 3, 2024
Assam, India milk producer co-op awarded for strong performance
The West Assam Milk Producers' Co-operative Union Limited (WAMUL) in India, the driving force behind Purabi Dairy, has bagged the e-market award of the National Cooperative Dairy Federation of India Limited for outstanding performance in th ...
Thursday, November 30, 2023
India sees surge in milk, egg, and meat production, says ministry report
India's Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairying has released a survey report indicating a significant increase in milk, egg, and meat production within the country, The Pioneer reported.
Monday, October 16, 2023
Sri Lanka's milk production set to benefit from new joint venture with Indian organisation
India's National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) and GCMMF will acquire a majority stake in a new joint venture company in Sri Lanka to help the nation boost its milk production.
Thursday, April 6, 2023
India increases milk imports as disease hits local cattle
India, the world's largest milk producer, is increasing milk imports due to the spread of lumpy skin disease among local cattle, and a drawdown in market-ready cattle stock after the pandemic slowed breeding, XM reported.
Monday, March 20, 2023
India's milk output increases 5% to 221.06 million tonnes in 2021/22
India's government said milk output in the country increased by 5.29% to 221.06 million tonnes in 2021/22, with Rajasthan (15.05%), Uttar Pradesh (14.93%), Madhya Pradesh (8.06%), Gujarat (7.56%) and Andhra Pradesh (6.97%) making up the top ...
Thursday, September 29, 2022
IVF a new asset for boosting India's indigenous cattle population for milk output
The Pune Agricultural College in Pune, India has used IVF to successfully birth calves of the Sahiwal and Gir indigenous breeds that can be used to boost milk production for small farmers, Hindustan Times reported.
Friday, June 3, 2022
India's milk production on the rise as dairy companies take advantage of opportunities
During the 2020-21 period, milk production in India went up by 5.81%.
Monday, February 14, 2022
India's low-cost milk production in need of further modern developments and keeping up with consumption
Dairy farming is an important secondary source of income for India's 70 million rural households that produce an estimated 210 million tonnes of milk annually.
Friday, June 26, 2020
India's Goa Dairy farmers reject China's milk testing machines
The Goa Dairy farmers of India stated on Tuesday that the Chinese made milk testing machines supplied by the State government do not have the capacity to handle the testing of milk samples, Herald Goa reported.
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Amid oversupply, milk prices slump down in India
India is flush with milk and procurement prices to farmers have gone done by 20%.
Friday, September 29, 2017
Indian milk metamorphosis: Powerful forces transforming the world's largest dairy market
Indian milk metamorphosis: Powerful forces transforming the world’s largest dairy market
Monday, September 11, 2017
Indian milk metamorphosis: Powerful forces transforming the world's largest dairy market
• The stimulative impact of rising incomes is being multiplied by the closing of rural-urban consumption disparities and rising female workforce participation • Demand for processed goods is rising far faster than milk output, supply has tr ...
Monday, July 24, 2017
Asia's largest milk production facility being built in India
AmulFed Dairy (formerly Mother Dairy) of India is set to open a new milk powder plant in Gandhinagar in the state of Gujarat next year.
Tuesday, August 18, 2015
India poised to remain as world's largest milk producer
India remains as the world's largest milk producer, accounting for 16.43% of the total global supply, according to the latest figures.

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