2006 January
Feed grains and oilseeds - Taking stock
THE NEW year is always a good time to take stock of events, especially if these are as core to the industry as basic feed grain and oilseeds. In this FOCUS report: - World cereal markets performance in 2005. - Worldwide regional dynamics which hold sway on world feed cereal production, consumption and trade. - The econ ...
2006 January
Feed Milling - Still overcast?
THE BIGGEST names in feed milling in Asia speak to FEED Business Asia with new ideas for the industry. In this FOCUS report: - What new changes beset Asia's feed milling industry, after 2004 - Thailand's experience since recovering from its worst poultry crisis ever - Staying competitive in China's booming animal feed ...
2006 January
Feeding Asia's aquaculture
THE SEAS and waterways of Asia churn out 90 percent of the world's aquaculture. This resource needs to be kept alive. In this FOCUS issue: - Aquaculture production growth in Asia. - How sustainability is closely tied to fish feed and fishmeal. - The impact of fish farming on the production of fishmeal and fish oil. - W ...
2006 May
Battleground for disease
LIVESTOCK disease outbreaks in Asia have underscored the importance of animal health and food safety. All-out efforts are critical to ensure that today's local epidemics do not emerge into tomorrow's global pandemic. FBA tackles the trends and issues, with an eye on Asia. To read part of the story, click on the title.
2006 May
World poultry still looks to Asia
DISEASE outbreaks among Asia's poultry stocks have dented confidence in the region's chickens, albeit temporarily. Global projections show poultry continuing to lead at 40 percent of total meat production, growing at an average of 3 percent annually. Is Asia's contribution meaty enough for the world's poultry market? F ...
2006 May
Asia today: Expanded livestock production fuels higher feed grain output
WITH Asians eating more meat than ever, livestock production is also expected to reach self-sufficiency within the region. What will this mean for its feed industry? FBA tackles the trends and issues, with an eye on Asia. To read part of the story, click on the title.

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