November 12, 2010


Norway sees sustained 2010, 2011 pork overproduction


Norwegian farmer cooperative and market regulator Nortura forecasts an overproduction of pork by 3,150 tonnes in Norway in 2011, whereas the market for other meats such as beef is expected to be in better balance.


Total pork production in 2010 is estimated to reach 128,000 tonnes, with an overproduction of 2.5%. To keep the market in balance Norwegian pig farmers have exported 3,200 tonnes so far this year, at a loss, which is estimated to reach NOK70 million (EUR 8.67 million; US$11.95 million) by the end of the year.


The Norwegian beef market on the other hand is suffering of shortage estimated to reach 2,400 tonnes in 2011; this, despite the planned import of 6,000 tonnes of beef. Total beef sales are estimated to reach 91,000 tonnes in 2011, while domestic production is expected to be 82,000 tonnes.