October 21, 2019


Major US chicken producer opens US$60 million feed mill in North Carolina


Mountaire Farms, the seventh-largest producer of chicken in the United States, has opened a new US$60 million feed mill in Scotland County, North Carolina, US, on October 16.


With 33 employees already hired for its operations, the feed mill is located in an area that will facilitate fast delivery of feed to growers closer to Mountaire's Lumber Bridge poultry processing plant.


The plant is capable of producing 18,000 tonnes per week of feed, which are then supplied to Mountaire's contract chicken farmers. It can also be expanded to produce up to 27,000 tonnes per week. 


For storage, the feed mill holds up to 1.18 million bushels of grain in concrete silos. Its location in an industrial park also makes it possible for the feed mill to utilise rail service.


Mountaire's other feed mill in Candor will serve growers who are producing chickens headed to Mountaire's new processing facility in Siler City.

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