April 11, 2016


Irish beef exports to US fail to fulfill expectations for Q1



Ireland's US-bound beef exports did not met official predictions in the first quarter of 2016 as they amounted to EUR6 million (US$7 million).


Despite more than a year since a US ban was lifted, only 700 tonnes of beefs were delivered in the period, based on figures from the Department of Agriculture. The volume fell short of the 20,000 tonnes figure as expected by Simon Coveney, the Irish Minister for Agriculture.


In addition, industry sources opined that trade will not accelerate until the export license is expanded to include mince.


Currently, only high-value steak cuts are permitted to be exported by Ireland to the US. These are largely less preferred by consumers there than domestic beef. 


"The department (of agriculture) remains engaged with the US authorities to allow for the extension of exports to include manufacturing beef (mince)," a spokeswoman for the Department said.

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