January 4, 2019

More birds produced in US' northeast Oklahoma poultry farms, but farm numbers falling


Northeast Oklahoma, US, has witnessed a decline in the number of poultry operators, while, on the other hand, farms are raising more birds per facility, The Associated Press (AP) reported.


Both trends were gathered from two decades of data on poultry operations that the Tulsa World newspaper obtained from the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry. From its peak in 2001-2004, the number of chicken farms in the state began to drop.


The farms are mainly located in eastern Oklahoma, in Delaware, Adair, LeFlore and McCurtain counties.

According to Jeremy Seiger, the US Agriculture Department Director of Environmental Management Services, such trends are not just happening in the poultry industry, but also occurring in other sectors, including beef feedlots and swine operations.

AP reported 608 active registered operations in eastern Oklahoma with its capacity to raise an overall 58.8 million birds. At its peak in 2002, the region was able to produce 75.7 million birds with 1,096 farms.

- The Associated Press

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