Tuesday, January 31, 2023
New animal husbandry farm with cow milking parlour set up in Nigeria, Sokoto State
Nigeria's National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) has established an animal husbandry farm with a cow milking parlour on 100 hectares of land in the country's Sokoto State.
Tuesday, November 8, 2022
US consumers more inclined to get milk from cows responsibly treated with antibiotics, researchers found
US consumers would be willing to buy milk from cows which are only treated with antibiotics when medically necessary – as long as the price isn't much higher than conventional milk, according to researchers at the College of Veterinar ...
Saturday, November 5, 2022
Fonterra to pay US$16 million to settle class action lawsuit over milk payment cuts
Fonterra has agreed to pay AUD 25 million (~US$16 million; AUD 1 = US$0.64) to settle a class action lawsuit filed against the company by Australian dairy farmers over reduced milk payments in 2016, Stuff New Zealand reported.
Thursday, September 29, 2022
IVF a new asset for boosting India's indigenous cattle population for milk output
The Pune Agricultural College in Pune, India has used IVF to successfully birth calves of the Sahiwal and Gir indigenous breeds that can be used to boost milk production for small farmers, Hindustan Times reported.
Tuesday, July 12, 2022
Vietnam's Vinamilk commits to sustainable development with "Green farm" at Global Dairy Congress
At the 15th Global Dairy Congress held on June 14-16 in France, Vinamilk, a representative of Vietnam's dairy industry, recently shared about its sustainable development direction with the company’s Vinamilk Green Farm model and the g ...
Monday, July 4, 2022
EU milk production hit peak in 2020, according to USDA
EU milk production peaked in 2020, according to analysis by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Thursday, June 23, 2022
US startup creates device that tests cow milk in less than 10 seconds
US startup Labby is aiming to help farmers get a clearer picture of their cows' health with a device that can test milk from individual cows in less than 10 seconds.
Wednesday, June 22, 2022
US milk production fell in May 2022
US milk production in May was down on the year with a smaller herd canceling out a rise in average yield.
Thursday, June 9, 2022
New device can diagnose cattle health using milk samples in under 10 seconds
A new device by Labby, a startup founded by two alumni from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is able to diagnose cattle health using milk samples taken from individual cows in under 10 seconds, MIT News reported.
Monday, January 17, 2022
Venezuelan ranchers turn to selling milk in US dollars due to economic woes
Venezuelan cattle ranchers based in one of the country's biggest agricultural regions of Barinas state have turned to selling milk in US dollars because of Venezuela's economic crisis, Reuters reported.
Wednesday, December 15, 2021
Georgia, US may consider sales of raw milk for human consumption
Dairies in Georgia, the United States, are experiencing dire financial straights, causing an interim study for the Georgia General Assembly to consider making raw milk as legal as peaches.
Monday, November 29, 2021
Researchers in US explore ways to reduce spoiled milk
A group of scientists, including one at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri,the United States, have used mathematical models to integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines - milk production and processing, microbiology and supply ...
Monday, June 21, 2021
More Campylobacter cases associated with consuming raw milk seen in Idaho, US
Health officials in Idaho, the United States, are witnessing rising cases of Campylobacter linked to the consumption of unpasteurised, raw milk.
Monday, May 31, 2021
US officials warn not to consume unpasteurised milk from New York dairy
Officials in New York, the United States have warned consumers for the second time in five weeks not to drink , raw milk from Breese Hollow Dairy due to bacterial contamination.
Thursday, May 27, 2021
Fonterra sets opening 2021/22 forecast Farmgate Milk Price, updates on business performance
Fonterra announced on May 26 an opening forecast Farmgate Milk Price range for the 2021/22 season of $7.25-8.75 per kgMS, with a midpoint of $8 per kgMS.

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