Monday, May 6, 2024
Global wheat and corn prices hit three-year lows, World Bank reports
A new report released by the World Bank revealed that global wheat and corn prices have reached their lowest levels in three years during the first quarter of 2024, Ukraine Business News reported.
Monday, September 11, 2023
Global prices of wheat, corn dropped in August
The FAO Cereal Price Index averaged 125.0 points in August, down 0.9 points (0.7%) from July and standing at 20.6 points (14.1%) below its value a year ago.
Thursday, June 8, 2023
Ukraine dam collapse sparks concerns over food exports, wheat and corn prices surge
Global wheat and corn prices experienced a sharp increase on Tuesday following the collapse of a major dam in Ukraine, which has reignited market fears about the country's ability to ship food to Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia a ...
Wednesday, August 3, 2022
China's 2020-21 feed market: Rising corn prices and using wheat as substitute
The price of corn in China surged from ¥1,870/tonne in January 2020 to ¥2,629 /tonne by the end of 2020, an increase of ¥759/tonne.
Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Asian feed producers turn to wheat as corn prices surge to multi-year highs
Asian feed producers in China, South Korea and Vietnam have switched to buying more wheat from Australia and the Black Sea region for livestock feed as corn prices surge to multi-year highs, said two Singapore-based grains traders, Reuters ...
Monday, April 26, 2021
Major Brazilian meatpackers turn to wheat as corn prices surge
Brazilian meat lobby ABPA said major meatpackers in the country are turning to wheat as a livestock feed alternative with corn prices surging, Reuters reported.
Tuesday, July 28, 2020
China seeks to sell wheat, rice to tame soaring corn prices
China plans to sell rice and wheat from state reserves to animal feed producers who are struggling with high corn prices, sources familiar with the matter said, Reuters reported.
Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Export delays, low wheat prices compound Thailand corn's price woes (week ended Sep 29, 2014)
A bumper harvest in the crop season that's about to end has been dragging corn prices down during the last two months. Local traders have been trying to sap excess supply by exporting to other countries, such as the Philippines, but documen ...
Friday, July 11, 2014
Thailand imports 50,000 tonnes of wheat after local corn prices skyrocket (week ended June 23, 2014)
Irregular rain during June increased demand for corn seeds by corn farmers for seeding again, as some corn farmers who changed their crop to cassava last season returned to corn farming after mealy bugs affected cassava this season.
Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Argentina's corn, wheat prices increase
October 22, 2013 Argentina's corn, wheat prices increase In the last few days, Argentina's wheat and corn prices have increased for reasons that there does not seem to be enough corn or wheat to go around, which is driving prices higher and ...
Thursday, May 23, 2013
Thailand's wheat imports depress local corn prices (week ended May 13)
Feed mills imported 350,000 tonnes of wheat for feed raw material for May-June 2013 delivery, after wheat price in Chicago market fell below the price of corn. Wheat and corn are energy-based feed are interchangeable, even though wheat is n ...
Monday, January 7, 2013
Canada's declining wheat, corn prices to affect barley
January 7, 2013 Canada's declining wheat, corn prices to affect barley Over the last half of December, the declining feed wheat and corn prices in Canada may also pull barley's prices down as well. Kyle Sinclair noted barley has so far held ...
Monday, October 29, 2012
US high corn prices may lead to stronger wheat demand
October 29, 2012 US high corn prices may lead to stronger wheat demand The October supply and demand estimates of USDA show that livestock producers may find for cheaper replacement for the high-priced corn which may result in stronger whea ...
Monday, September 24, 2012
Asian grain buyers prefer corn over wheat as prices fall
As it is selling at a significant discount compared to wheat, Asian grain buyers are again likely to turn to corn imports for animal feed. Some animal feed processors require at least some wheat but in making feed for poultry, for example, ...
Monday, August 13, 2012
Indian wheat may replace US corn due to cheaper prices
Due to cheaper prices, drought in the US and strong demand in East Asia, India's wheat is expected to partly fill a critical gap in global corn supply for the rest of the year. Asian importers who expect that supply for feed grains will be ...

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