LIVESTOCK & FEED Business - May 2022

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Cover Story
Greening Beef & Milk Production
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Editorial Lineup for
Livestock & Feed Business Worldwide: May 2022

View Point:
- Antibiotic alternatives in livestock production: A matter of innovation, variety and availability

Cover Story:

Greening beef and milk production

- DSM's Hy-D®: 25(OH)D3 for ruminants


- Evonik: Guanidino acetic acid improves broiler performance during heat stress

- BASF: Updated phytase matrix values prove better utilisation of nutrients


- Better efficiency for Chinese dairy production finds answer in modern milking machines

- Industry investments — The impetus for expanding China's meat production

- Modern dairy: Chinese dairy giant focuses on feed business

- Soybean meal and forages: What energises dairy cow's productivity in China

- China's feed additives market: Calcium pantothenate surges 160% against weak Q1 trends

- China's March soybean imports down 18% year-on-year

- China's Q1 2022 pork production up 14% year-on-year

Special Feature:

- India’s milk production on the rise as dairy companies take advantage of opportunities

Interview One-On-One:

- AB Vista: A valuable service partner in a challenging 2022

- Adisseo's Adilab promises top-notch feed analysis


- Perstorp launches gut health solution combining benefits of valeric and butyric acid


- New Zealand agri-tech startup's cattle smart tags set for large scale trials

Editorial Lineup for
Livestock & Feed Business Worldwide: October 2022

View Point:

- Poultry

Cover Story:

Early-life dietary intervention


- Aviagen


- Angel Yeast


- Trouw Nutrition


- AB Vista


- Evonik

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