DAIRY Business Worldwide - October 2017
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For veterinarians, animal nutritionists, feed formulators, technical staff and everyone who is concerned about animal health.
ANIMAL HEALTH Bulletin is our intention to provide a platform for veterinarians, animal nutritionists, academicians, feed formulators, farmers and technical staff to come together to share and exchange knowledge, discuss topics and issues related to animal health.

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eFeedLink Special:
  • Dairy Business Worldwide: A platform for information sharing in the dairy industry      

Dairy Diary:
  • US hurricane-hit dairy sectors: Texas stays strong as Florida deals with rebuilding, power outages

  • Canadian dairy sustainability programme enters new phase

  • Fonterra hailed as New Zealand's top co-op 

  • GMO-free claims in German dairy launches outpace European average

  • Exorbitant water use by New Zealand dairy farms, says expert                 
Dairy Insight:
  • UK dairy farmers optimistic over Brexit but big problems remain

  • Russia's dairy sector coping with embargo

Dairy Management:
  • Advantages and limitations of dairy efficiency measures and the effects of nutrition and feeding management interventions (Part 1) 

Dairy Technical:
  • Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition: Meeting prepartum dairy cow's DCAD needs 

  • Adisseo: Amino acid balancing to maximise profitability

  • Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health: The effect of heat stress on dairy cow performance: Beat the heat with chromium

  • Lallemand Animal nutrition: Heat stress significantly affects milk components, somatic cells
China Dairy:
  • Purchase limitation practices hurt China's dairy farming
Industry Updates:
  • Cargill introduces new digital platform for dairy farming

  • DSM's RONOZYME® RumiStar wins one-star category at SPACE 2017

  • Trouw Nutrition’s LifeStart Symposium to talk about dairy heifer development beyond weaning growth

Event Review:
  • SPACE 2017 marks successful edition with innovation and addressing farmers' concerns