DAIRY Business Worldwide - April 2017
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For veterinarians, animal nutritionists, feed formulators, technical staff and everyone who is concerned about animal health.
ANIMAL HEALTH Bulletin is our intention to provide a platform for veterinarians, animal nutritionists, academicians, feed formulators, farmers and technical staff to come together to share and exchange knowledge, discuss topics and issues related to animal health.

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Views & Quotes:
  •   Canadian Dairy Sector is Growing, Not Lagging!     

Industry Success Story:
  •   SHP Losevo explores organic niche of the St. Petersburg's market     
Dairy Diary:
  • Arla expands infant milk production

  • Immigration clampdowns threaten to weaken US dairy sector

  • Rabobank sees profitability back in Australia's dairy sector

  • British farmers deny maltreating dairy cattle         '                   

Dairy Insight:
  • The pros and cons of large-scale dairy farms in the developing tropics

Industry Managment:
  • Milking hygiene

Industry Updates:
  • US dairy industry slams Canada over ultra -filtered milk imports

  • Oceania Dairy invests $400 million in New Zealand dairy facility

  • American dairy leaders assure Mexico amidst NAFTA uncertainty

  • Ireland’s suppliers get lower prices for their milk

  • Amul Dairy raises milk procurement price anew
Industry Appointments:
  • Zinpro global marketing manager

  •  AB Vista biz manager for Brazil

  • 2 new additions to Diamond V’s ruminant team
New Products
  • Innovative heat detection system enables remote diagnosis of dairy cow health and fertility 

Events Review
  • International Dairy Expo & Summit China: Show window to China’s dynamic dairy industry