DAIRY Business Worldwide - October 2016
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For veterinarians, animal nutritionists, feed formulators, technical staff and everyone who is concerned about animal health.
ANIMAL HEALTH Bulletin is our intention to provide a platform for veterinarians, animal nutritionists, academicians, feed formulators, farmers and technical staff to come together to share and exchange knowledge, discuss topics and issues related to animal health.

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Editorial Lineup for 
Dairy Business Worldwide, October - December 2016
Dairy Bites:
  • France bats for output controls     

  • Dairy farm closures

  • US surplus bad for Europe

  • Lactalis milk intake drops

  • Australia milk output falls

  • Global milk production plummets

Dairy People:
  • New AB Vista managers for ruminants business   
  • Fonterra director retires

  • Alltech's man in Southeast Asia  

  • Hamlet Protein VP for Asia                          

Dairy Diary:
  • Markets tightening amid falling milk supply

  • Swiss Valley Farms 2016's Exporter of the Year    

  • US to buy $20m cheese from farmers                              
Dairy Insight:
  • Definitions of dairy farming systems

  • EU move to control common food names threatens American cheese industry

  • Climate's impact on future dairy farm profitability

Dairy Market:
  • Global dairy markets' recovery has begun...
Nutrition & Health:
  • Nutriad: Botanicals to improve a calf's health and performance

  • Adisseo: Realistic expectations from amino acid balancing

Dairy Managment:
  • Dairy Equipment and the mode rn dairy industry  

Industry Updates:
  • Zinpro: Visualising animal lameness is key to solution

  • Fonterra: Predator-free New Zealand critical to the dairy industry

  • Diamond's NutriTek helps cut feed costs

  • Dietary fibre to boost feed and digestion

  • Bayer focuses on scientific education and innovations to enhance cattle health
Product Future:
  • Afimilk In-Line Milk Lab: Early detection of metabolic disorders
Event Preview:
  • World Dairy Expo: 50th year marked with lavish shows