December 31, 2003



Argentina's Oct Soyoil Exports Up 9.3%


Argentina exported 322,889 metric tons of soyoil in October, 9.3% more than the 295,343 tons exported during the same month in 2002, the Agriculture Secretariat reported late Monday.


China was the biggest buyer of Argentine soyoil in October, accounting for 129,901 tons compared with 81,479 a year ago.


South Africa ranked second with 32,500 tons compared with none a year earlier.


Venezuela was third with 29,244 tons against 9,301 the previous year.




Meanwhile, Argentina exported 1,565,210 tons of soymeal and pellets in October, down 20.3% from the 1,963,535 tons shipped during the same month in 2002.


The Secretariat does not distinguish between meal and pellets in its monthly report.


Spain was the top destination for soymeal and pellets in October, accounting for 226,351 tons, compared with 272,174 a year earlier.


Denmark came in second with 165,423 against 100,345 tons.


The Netherlands ranked third, buying 162,116 tons against 284,213 the previous year.


Argentina is the world's No. 1 soyoil and soymeal exporter.

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