December 30, 2010


India's Madhya Pradesh wheat acreage to exceed target



The rains which India experienced in the beginning of winter will cause wheat sowing in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh to cross 4.1 million hectares, according to government officials.


"Wheat sowing has already been completed in four million hectares and we have fixed a target of 4.1 million hectares in the current season, which could be easily achieved by next week," Madhya Pradesh Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development Department Controller, D.N Sharma, said.


Sharma said that rains in early November proved to be beneficial and has boosted the sowing of the staple crop in the state.


Last year, the total wheat output in the state was around 8.5 million tonnes whereas total area under wheat cultivation was 4.2 million hectares.


However, irregular rains in key wheat growing areas during monsoon have led to decline in overall wheat acreage in the state.


Madhya Pradesh is known for its superior wheat variety such as Malavi, Durahm and Sharabati.

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