December 29, 2021


Kaliningrad Region, Russia governor discusses expanding meat production with Cherkizovo


Anton Alikhanov, governor of the Kaliningrad Region, Russia, recently took a tour of the new patties production facility at Cherkizovo's Otechestvenny Product plant and discussed the prospects for expanding the region's meat production capacities with the group's head of investment projects department, Leonid Izmailov, Cherkizovo said.


Alikhanov's visit began with a tour of the production complex for manufacturing beef patties that are shipped to Burger King restaurants all across Russia. The project attracted over a billion rubles of investment and generated more than 100 jobs in the region, with its current production capacity boasting some 200 million patties (or more than 14,000 tonnes) a year.


During this tour, Alikhanov was able to see the entire cycle of the complex: from the production of ground meat to the packaging and shipment of finished products. The governor then visited the plant's lab that monitors the composition and quality of meat. The tour concluded with a tasting of patties freshly cooked in the oven.


The Otechestvenny Product plant was founded in 1999 and became part of Cherkizovo Group in 2010. It produces over 11,000 tonnes of ham under the Cherkizovo, Imperiya Vkusa, and METRO Chef (METRO's private label) brands. The plant's headcount stands at 328 employees. Otechestvenny Product is a resident of the Special Economic Zone in the Kaliningrad Region.


"I am delighted that Cherkizovo Group, the nation's largest meat producer, has chosen the Kaliningrad Region to implement its investment projects. Today, we discussed the plant's development prospects, including the construction of an additional line to ramp up the production," said Alikhanov. "It is important for us to see new jobs being created in agriculture and food processing, which is one of the key industries of today."


"On behalf of our company, I would like to extend gratitude to Mr. Alikhanov, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Kaliningrad Region administration for supporting this project," said Izmailov. "The construction of the beef patties production facility coincided with the stringiest COVID-related restrictions to date, but we have managed to pull through and deliver this project on time. Going forward, we will be able to double the production of beef burger patties and ramp up our ham volumes."


 - Cherkizovo

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