December 28, 2018

EASY BIO acquires DFS Oskaloosa 


South Korean feed additives developer EASY BIO, Inc., has entered the US market with its acquisition of DFS Oskaloosa LLC (DFS).

On December 3, the company concluded its acquisition of all DFS shares.

DFS is a US grain trade and feed company. With its headquarters in Oskaloosa, Iowa, US, the company is a mid-sized organisation which operates in the grain trade and compound feed business and has an annual feed production capacity of approximately 500,000 tonnes.

Estimated sales of DFS' feed and grain in the 2018 financial year was about $100 million, according to EASY BIO.

Company officials noted that DFS was the ideal company for EASY BIO to acquire in order to expand its presence in the US, in addition considering the fact that DFS' office is located at the heart of the US corn-belt.

To integrate DFS into its overall business, EASY BIO will send a representative to DFS to establish a real-time analytic system for grain purchases, trade, quality management and logistics, and to simultaneously connect this data with EASY BIO's group companies.

EASY BIO is also expecting to create a synergistic effect by introducing feed additives, currently exported to 40 countries, to DFS feed products, and foresees an expansion of sales for both businesses.

"Our commitment to strengthening our overseas projects has led us to the successful acquisition of DFS, which we hope, will serve as a platform for continuous growth in the American market," said Dr. Young Hyun, vice chairman of EASY BIO. "We are constantly looking for other opportunities for global expansion."



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