December 27, 2023


China to resume import of grouper fish from Taiwanese fisheries



China said it will resume the import of grouper fish from a number of registered fisheries in Taiwan, ending a ban said to be imposed due to the presence of illegal chemicals, reports said on December 22


Beijing introduced the ban in June 2022, causing consternation in Taiwan as the country exported 90% of its groupers to China. Both the ban and its apparent end have been interpreted as attempts by China to influence politics in Taiwan.


As a result of the ban, fisheries developed new export markets including the United States, but also increased domestic sales. The Ministry of Agriculture's (MOA) Fisheries Agency said that seven grouper farms had been allowed to resume exports to China, the Liberty Times reported.


According to MOA data, Taiwan exported 8,771 tonnes of grouper up to November, for a value of US$75.29 million (NT$2.34 billion). The figure amounted to an increase of 63% from the same period last year, with the main markets for the fish being Hong Kong, Malaysia and the United States.


Currently, about 700 fisheries have been approved by the MOA for exports to China.

- Taiwan News

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