December 27, 2023


More than 20,000 tonnes of fish exported by Egypt annually, according to official




Egypt exports approximately 29,000 tonnes of fish annually, with the majority of the produce sourced from the country's natural lakes,  according to Dr. Salah Meselhy, head of the country's Authority for the Protection and Development of Lakes and Fisheries.


This revelation was made during a recent meeting chaired by Egytian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.


Meselhy also pointed out that there were some encroachments on lakes. He cited over 5,000 instances of encroachments detected on Lake Manzala, Derout and Edku. To counter these activities, the Authority has initiated coordination with the Water Surface Authority. Such incidents can have an impact on fish production.


Despite the challenges, Meselhy highlighted significant development efforts undertaken in partnership with the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces. These efforts have led to an impressive increase in fish production. For instance, Lake Manzala's production surged from 45,000 tonnes in 2022 to 85,000 tonnes this year, while Lake Burullus saw an increase from 50,000 tonnes to 105,000 tonnes.


Meselhy added that the production includes a variety of fish species, such as tilapia, mullet, seabream and shrimp.


Additionally, he expressed optimism about the future, forecasting a rise in export rates in the upcoming period. He also stated that Egypt produces more than two million tons of fish annually, highlighting the nation's significant contribution to the global fish market.



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