December 27, 2023


Q3 fisheries production in Western Visayas, Philippines, at more than 80,000 metric tonnes




The total fisheries production of Western Visayas, the Philippines, in the third quarter of 2023 was 87,661 metric tonnes.


The amount is 3.9%, or about 3,554 metric tonnes, less than the same quarter in 2022, data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in Region 6 released on December 11 showed.


The decrease was attributed to the commercial and municipal fisheries sectors with drops of 9.4% and 9.6%, respectively. On the other hand, aquaculture fisheries increased by 1.5%.


Of the region's total fisheries production, aquaculture fisheries shared 54.1%. Municipal fisheries, which include marine and inland subsectors, contributed 23.4%, while commercial fisheries contributed 22.5%.


Meanwhile, the total fisheries value of production in this year's third quarter is ₱9.28 billion (US$161 million). This is 7.6%, or about ₱767 million (US$14 million), lower compared to the ₱10.05 billion (US$179 million) value of production in 2022. Particularly, commercial and aquaculture fisheries decreased in value of production by 12.4% and 10.7%, respectively, due to lower prices.


Aquaculture fisheries had the largest share among subsectors in the region's fisheries value of production at 37.8%, followed by municipal fisheries (34.5%) and commercial fisheries (27.7%).

- Panay News

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