December 27, 2013


New Zealand seeks to resume live seafood export to Australia


New Zealand's seafood sector is seeking for the lifting of ban of the live seafood export to Australia.


Products like clams and mussels are already being exported live around the world, and the industry estimates adding Australia will unlock millions of dollars a year for what is the country's fifth biggest export earner.


"Instead of the Tasman being a shared eco-system it's been more like a moat," Seafood New Zealand Chief Executive, Tim Pankurst said.


The Government says the issue is a priority, but admits opening up the market won't happen quickly, because of Australia's biosecurity concerns.


Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy says it will not be a quick fix.


"Some of these shellfish can have what's called hitch-hiker pests, so we need to prove that we can manage the biosecurity risks and that will require some research," he said.


The industry says it will not be backing down on its challenge, especially when the produce has been deemed fit to be exported elsewhere in the world.

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