December 26, 2023


UK consumers shift from turkey to pork as holiday roast choice


In a notable shift on Christmas tables across the United Kingdom, pork is gaining preference over turkey as the holiday roast, according to Pilgrim's UK, a subsidiary of Pilgrim's Pride Corp, Meat + Poultry reported.


Based on consumption trends, Pilgrim's reports a decline in the amount of turkey eaten during Christmas, dropping from 10% to 7% in 2022. This shift is accompanied by a nearly 16% decrease in the volume share of turkey compared to the same holiday period in 2021, signalling an increased demand for pork products.


Pilgrim's said its processing facilities have been working to produce over 65 million packages of pork in the four weeks leading up to Christmas. The product range includes gammon (like ham in the United States) and pork crackling joints.


Rachel Griffiths, chief commercial officer at Pilgrim's UK, said concerns over turkey shortages during the previous holiday season, coupled with the lower price and versatility of pork, have positioned it as the star of the festive table in many households this year.


She notes that gammon joints, priced at about GBP 6 (US$7.59) per kg, offer better value compared to turkey at GBP 10 (US$12.68) per kg. Additionally, the ease of cooking pork, especially using slow cookers or air fryers, contributes to its growing popularity.


-      Meat + Poultry

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