December 26, 2023


Poultry export opportunities for Brazil as Russia, Belarus grant zero tariff quotas for chicken meat




Russia and Belarus have granted new zero-tariff quotas for chicken meat imported for domestic processing, which should boost Brazil's poultry product exports to Eastern Europe, said the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) on December 21.


No tariffs apply for imports of up to 140,000 metric tonnes of chicken meat for Russia, and 10,900 tonnes for Belarus, effective December 12 and valid for all of 2024, the poultry and pork lobby said.


"There is also a zero-tariff quota during the same period for imports equivalent to 1.2 billion eggs to Russia," ABPA said. "The Russian market remains closed to fresh eggs (imports) from Brazil, but negotiations are already underway for a possible opening."

- Reuters

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