December 26, 2013


EU pig prices continue to decline



Being the last week of slaughter in 2013, the European slaughter pig market is still characterised by large quantities of pigs on offer.


Many days of slaughter are missing, and a cross-border feeling arises that much pressure still exists on the supply side and as a consequence the prices are going down throughout Europe. In France as well as in Spain, where quotations had remained comparably steady until now, prices went noticeably down.


The German leading quotation, by which the downward trend was virtually started, was taken by many market participants as the main reason for the pre-Christmas price pressure.


In Germany, the price has since gone down by a corrected total of US$0.20. The German way of pricing is being criticised by numerous market participants from various EU member countries. From Spain, for instance, there is word that the German price is regarded as unpredictable. Austrian farmers state that the German pricing model is in urgent need of rehabilitation.