December 23, 2010


UK reaps bumper rapeseed harvest



The 2010 rapeseed harvest was officially the UK's highest at 2.23 million tonnes, according to final results from Defra's harvest survey.


A record average yield of 3.5 tonne/ha (4% up on 2009) and a 13% increase in area led to the bumper crop, which was 17% larger than last year.


The survey also confirmed the 2010 wheat harvest at 14.9 million tonnes, 6% ahead of last year. A 9% increase in the wheat area more than compensated for a 3% fall in average yields, which came in at 7.7 tonnes/ha.


Defra said there had been some re-balancing of spring and winter cropping following a large increase in spring plantings in 2009 after a wet autumn in 2008. A lack of attractive malting contracts was also a factor.

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