December 22, 2020


Fisheries output target for Vietnam province up 10.8%


The fishing and aquaculture output of the Mekong Delta province of Kiên Giang recorded 836,200 tonnes this year, 10.8% higher than the target, according to Vietnam's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam News Agency reported.

Aquaculture made up about 264,000 tonnes.

Quảng Trọng Thao, deputy director of the department, says the province has restructured the sector to reduce near-shore fishing and expand off-shore fishing.

The province has zone areas for aquatic species, particularly high-value ones like shrimp. According to Thao, it has strengthened fishery extension activities and taught farmers advanced farming techniques, particularly for shrimp.

Compared with traditional farming methods, shrimp yield with advanced methods is 30-50 tonnes per hectare per crop, up from 10-12 tonnes, according to the department.

The province has developed shrimp breeding models using semi-biofloc and biofloc technology, and a model of breeding in two stages to increase yield.

For the latter, juvenile shrimp are first bred in a small pond for a few weeks before being transferred to the main pond for intensive breeding in the second stage.

In addition, the province has transformed low-yield rice fields into rice-shrimp farming fields in which farmers cultivate rice during the rainy season and breed shrimp the rest of the year. The province, the Delta's largest rice producer and one of the largest shrimp producers, has 100,000 hectares under rice-shrimp fields this year, 28% higher than in 2015.

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