December 22, 2003



US and Russia Reach Agreementent On Poultry Trade


Russia and the United States have finally come to agreement on the poultry trade following last year's bitter disagreements. Both countries now are said to be satisfied with the terms of the poultry trade.


Russia's Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeyev said. "We have thoroughly gone through our mutual demands and obligations and admitted that rules are now perfectly clear for all participants of this industry and this market," Gordeyev said late Friday after telephone talks with his US counterpart Ann Veneman.


Agricultural trade between the two countries had been in crisis since April last year when Moscow said it was considerably reducing its imports of US meat and slammed restrictions on poultry imports on health security grounds.


In October Moscow and Washington agreed to extend an agreement on quotas for imports of US meat for a further five years, with Russia agreeing to refer to foreign suppliers in setting quotas and the setting of a US quota for 2004 proportional to the market share for American meat over the past three years.


Russia is the leading market for US poultry exporters, and is ranked fifth and seventh respectively in the markets for US pork and beef exports.

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