December 21, 2022


The Philippines seeks technical support from France for dairy project



The Philippines has pitched to France to provide technical support for an upcoming dairy project in the Bohol province, set to be implemented next year, The Philippine Star reported.


Farrell Benjelix Magtoto, administrator of the Philippines' National Dairy Authority (NDA), proposed the OneDAiry Hills project to French delegates to obtain experts and heifers that can resist tropical temperatures for the project.


The NDA, farmers' cooperatives, and associations can use the tropically adapted heifers produced by the OneDAiry Hills project, which aims to establish a nucleus farm in Bohol province.


The project will also offer training facilities for developing the skills of extension agents and cooperative managers.


The NDA and French delegates visited the Bohol milk processing plant and NDA dairy multiplier farm in April 2022 for an introductory meeting and to make a preliminary assessment of the project site.


Boccoz said the French government committed to assisting the Philippines in terms of farm mechanisation, growth of the dairy industry, irrigation, and agricultural insurance as some of the new potential areas for collaboration, during their meeting with the Philippines' Department of Agriculture.


-      The Philippine Star

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