December 21, 2017


Breeding ponds with cool water produce more tilapia fingerlings, say researchers



It takes cool water to produce more tilapia fingerlings.


Two Filipino researchers said tilapia produces more spawn in cool, rather than warm, water. In tropical weather, this would entail providing shades to breeding ponds to lower water temperature.


Dr. Veronica Grande and Prof. Marjorie Ramos, researchers of the Mariano Marcos State University College of Aquatic Sciences and Applied Technology in Ilocos Norte province in the Philippines, said the shading technology is effective in summer season when the temperature of the pond is above 32 degrees Celsius, according to a report by the Philippine News Agency (PNA).


They said that raisers could produce up to 77.3% more spawn in water temperature that is at least 28 to 30 degrees Celsius than in non-shaded, higher-temperature breeding ponds.


It was observed that tilapia could not produce the desired volume of spawn if their environment exceeded 28 to 30 degrees Celsius.


The researchers said using a collapsible shade for the ponds could regulate water temperature, which is conducive for the continuous spawn production of tilapia throughout the year.


The shade may consist of silver straw net that provides 40% shading capacity and with bamboo poles serving as braces and ropes to tie the net.


The researchers stressed that this technology is equally effective in carp, catfish and giant gourami culture ponds.