December 21, 2010

Russian milling grain prices rise, feed prices flat


Russia's milling grain prices kept rising last week, while average feed grain prices were largely unchanged on import expectations and grain sales from government stocks, analysts said Monday (Dec 20).

EXW European Russia, third-grade milling wheat rose by RUB125 (US$4.07) to RUB7,175 (US$233.43) per tonne, said SovEcon agricultural analysts.

Feed wheat prices were stable at RUB6,425 (US$209.03) per tonne, feed barley was unchanged at RUB8,225 (US$267.59) per tonne, it said.

In southern Russia, third-grade wheat rose to US$221 per tonne from US$215 to 221 per tonne, fourth-grade to US$210 per tonne from 204, feed wheat to US$204 from US$199, feed barley to US$252 from US$246, corn to US$271 per tonne from US$265, said the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies.

In Western Siberia, grain prices remained flat, as recent sharp price increases made local grains almost uncompetitive, especially in terms of wheat flour.

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