December 20, 2023


US milk producers to get surveys for 2024 milk production reports




Thousands of milk producers across the United States will receive surveys from the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) as the agency collects information for the 2024 Milk Production reports.


"The dairy industry is an important component of the (US) Northeast's agriculture, and it is crucial for us to have accurate data about this key sector," said King Whetstone, director of the NASS Northeastern Regional Field Office. NASS conducts the Milk Production survey in the region every January, April, July and October. The survey asks milk producers to provide the number of milk cows in the herd, number of cows milked and total milk production for the first day of the month.


The dairy industry relies on monthly Milk Production reports to make decisions about the marketing of milk. By participating in the survey, milk producers can ensure that NASS provides timely, accurate and useful data that all sectors of the US dairy industry use to make sound business decisions.


NASS will mail the questionnaires to all producers selected for the survey in late December.


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