December 20, 2022


Chicken output and export from Brazil to increase next year


Brazilian meat industry group ABPA said major chicken processors such as JBS SA and BRF SA will increase production and exports in 2023, Nasdaq reported.


APBA's data showed Brazilian companies will process up to 14.750 million tonnes of chicken meat in 2023, while exports will increase by up to 8.5% to an estimated 5.2 million tonnes.


Ricardo Santin, president of ABPA, said Brazil can expand its global share of chicken exports despite rising corn prices and input costs.


Santin said 100 kg of Brazilian broiler chicken costs roughly EUR 146 (~US$156; EUR 1. = US$1.06), compared to EUR 263 (~US$279) for European Union chicken and around EUR 268 (~US$284) for US chicken.


Another competitive advantage for Brazil is that the country has never had an outbreak of bird flu and is therefore free from the highly pathogenic virus that has plagued global chicken producers such as the US this year.


This year's outbreaks in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile forced Brazilian corporations to follow tight measures, Santin said.


He said cases are getting closer this year, as there are additional cases in the region at the same time.


-        Nasdaq

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