December 20, 2021


USMEF: US pork exports in October lower than 2020's record



The United States' October pork exports were below last year's large total but year-to-date shipments remained slightly above the record pace of 2020, according to the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF).


US pork exports totaled 226,206 tonnes in October, down 7% from a year ago, while export value slipped 3.5% to US$618.8 million. For January through October, pork exports were up slightly from a year ago in volume (2.47 million tonnes) and increased 8% in value (US$6.84 billion).


US pork exports to Mexico continued to strengthen in October as shipments reached a new monthly high of 83,929 tonnes, up 38% from a year ago, while value increased 37% to US$143.8 million. Through October, exports to Mexico increased 28% to 707,157 tonnes, valued at US$1.38 billion (up 55%). Exports are also ahead of the record pace established in 2017 when full-year shipments to the country exceeded 800,000 tonnes and topped US$1.5 billion in value.


Although China's demand for pork muscle cuts has softened significantly, it remains a critical, value-adding destination for US pork variety meat. Through October, pork variety meat exports to the China/Hong Kong region were 22% above last year's large totals at 284,568 tonnes and climbed 27% in value to US$685.9 million. Total pork exports to China/Hong Kong were down 24% from a year ago in volume (661,637 tonnes) and 22% lower in value (US$1.5 billion).


Following a down year in 2020, pork exports to Colombia have rebounded dramatically. October exports set a new monthly record of 11,752 tonnes, pushing January-October exports 59% above last year at 82,657 tonnes. Export value reached US$201.1 million, up 79%. This is roughly even with the pre-COVID record volume pace of 2019, while 2021 value is nearly 20% higher.



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