December 20, 2021


AFBF: US legislation improves cattle market transparency



American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) president Zippy Duvall recently commented on the US House's vote to advance the Cattle Contract Library Act of 2021 and to extend the Livestock Mandatory Reporting Act.


"American Farm Bureau appreciates the House of Representatives taking positive steps toward ensuring fairness and transparency in America's cattle industry. The Livestock Mandatory Reporting Act and the Cattle Contract Library Act both provide crucial information, which is needed now more than ever as prices skyrocket at the grocery store while payments to farmers lag behind," Duvall said.


"We appreciate the leadership demonstrated by Agriculture Committee chairman David Scott and the work of Representatives Dusty Johnson and David Cuellar. Their work on behalf of America's ranchers helped create overwhelmingly bipartisan support for both pieces of legislation. We urge the Senate to work together in a similar fashion to ensure market fairness for farmers and ranchers working to put food on dinner tables across the country."



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