December 20, 2021


China's recognition of ASF zoning allows continued exports of French pork products from unaffected areas



China has recognised African swine fever-related zoning for France.


This development will - in the event the disease is present in France - allow for continued exports of pork products from ASF-free zones to China.


During his visit to China in November 2019, French President Emmanuel Macron agreed with Chinese President Xi Jinping to carry out work aimed at China's recognition of applying the principle of zoning in the case an ASF outbreak is declared on French territory.


After almost two years of drafting a memorandum of understanding, a favorable outcome has been reached.


With the effective implementation of the agreement, this recognition will allow French pork products to continue to be exported to China from ASF-free areas in the country in the event of an ASF outbreak.


- Ministry of Food and Agriculture (France)

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