December 18, 2023


First corn crop of Paraná, Brazil, expected to fetch three million tonnes in harvest



The planting of the first corn crop in Paraná, Brazil, has been completed, covering 312,000 hectares.


The harvest of the crop is expected to reach three million tonnes.


Low light levels have hampered the development of corn in the state, which may slightly lower projected yields compared to the 2022 season. This year's area is 18% smaller than the last season's when the first crop covered 379,100 hectares. The reduction in the production estimate should follow the same percentage.


Earlier this year, 3.7 million tonnes were harvested from the first crop.


Once again, this follows the trend seen since the 1980s that the first crop is usually less than the second — which is called "off-season" from the time when it was actually smaller. In 2022, the first crop yielded 14 million tonnes of corn.



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