December 18, 2018

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in pork sold in Brazil, animal rights group claims


A study supported by an animal rights group claimed that antibiotic-resistant bacteria were discovered in pork products that were sold at retailers in Brazil.


"In all of the samples, the tests detected a generalised presence of bacteria resistant to antibiotics," World Animal Protection (WAP) said. The study was carried out by the University of São Paulo on behalf of WAP and looked at pork in three other countries.

According to WAP, 100 meat samples from outlets owned by Carrefour, GPA and Walmart were examined. Despite this recent discovery, researcher Terezina Knobl said that there is no immediate risk of death or disease linked to meat consumption.


"One of the aims of the study is advocating for a more rational use of antibiotics in livestock production," Knobl added.

Still, a tight control on antimicrobial drugs in Brazil could result due to the increased risk of antibiotic resistance.


In the meantime, the Brazilian unit of Carrefour is working with WAP to improve animal welfare policies, the former said. GPA also stated that only meat products screened by Brazil's Agriculture Ministry will be sold.


- Reuters