December 18, 2008


New UK pesticide proposals to drag rapeseed and wheat output


New pesticide proposals in the UK would lead to less options for disease control and shrink rapeseed and wheat crops, experts point out.


According to ADAS consultant James Clarke, the loss of those weed-killers would make weed control, especially blackgrass, in oilseed rape very difficult, with yield losses of up to 20 percent.


ADAS is UK's largest independent provider of environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice.


The Water Framework Directive legislation and new pesticide rulings could seriously hamper weed control in the two crops.  The water directive has aimed to maintain good chemical and ecological status of surface and ground waters.


The directive will make redundant several key oilseed rape herbicides, such as propyzamide, carbetamide and metazachlor, as well as the slug killer metaldehyde.


Pesticide rulings might cost wheat growers over GBP150 million (US$231 million). Production losses for wheat could amount to about 8 percent under the approved plans, ADAS said.

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