Liquid methionine analogue: a cost effective source of methionine with extra advantages

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Liquid methionine analogue: a cost effective source of methionine with extra advantages


Javed Hayat and Kevin Liu, Adisseo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd



DL-hydroxy methionine, also known as liquid methionine analogue or (2-hydroxy-4-(methylthio) butanoic acid (HMTBA), delivers poultry industry the added value of not only a highly-effective methionine source, but also an efficient feed additive of proven acidifier properties. It is a fully efficient precursor of L-Met and other sulphur metabolites through sulphur amino acid pathways in the chicken (Dibner et al., 1988; Martin-Venegas et al., 2006 and 2013). An earlier absorptive ability of DL-hydroxy methionine compared to DLM was reported in broilers (Richard et al., 2005). Also the oligomers of DL-hydroxy methionine that were thought as limiting for absorption are not likely to be limiting point for intestinal absorption since they are hydrolysed at mucosal level (Martin-Venegas et al., 2006). DL-hydroxy methionine has a pKa of 3.86 (Dibner and Buttin, 2002) suggesting it contains strong organic acid capabilities. Moreover, Swennen et al. (2011) and Willemsen et al. (2010) suggested that DL-hydroxy methionine appeared to be more effective in sustaining antioxidant status of the cell mainly by maintaining higher reduced glutathione (GSH)/oxidized glutathione (GSSG) ratio.



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Article made possible through the contribution of Javed Hayat, Kevin Liu, and Adisseo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

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