December 17, 2013


Vietnam's Jan-Oct pangasius exports down slightly on-year



Vietnam exported pangasius products worth US$1.35 billion through October 15, 2013, down 1% from the same period of 2012.


Vietnam's top 15 leading pangasius exporters reported sales for US$814.5 million in the first 10 months of the year, with Vinh Hoan Corp leading the ranking with US$142.7 million, reports the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters & Producers (VASEP).


In the second place was Agifish with US$94.9 million and Hung Vuong Corp in the third place with US$76.6 million, while Navico remained in the fourth place with US$68.7 million, and I.D.I. Corp generated US$61.7 million and Caseamex US$52.3 million.


Hunga Co., Ltd with US$46.1 remained in the seventh place, followed by Dathaco with US$41.1 million.


In the ninth position was Anvifish with US$40.2 million, followed by HT Food with US$36.7 million worth of pangasius sales abroad.


According to VASEP's statistics, the US remained as the main importer of Vietnamese tra fish until mid-October, with US$306.1 million (up 3.8% on-year), making for 22.7% of the total. The EU was a close second with US$303.3 million (though its imports fell by 10.6%), making up for 22.5% of the total Vietnamese tra exports.


Within the European bloc, the largest importers of pangasius were Spain (US$59.7 million, down 14.9%), the Netherlands (US$47.7 million, down 15.0%), Germany (US$35.3 million, down 19.43%) and the UK (US$32.1 million, up 9.9%).


The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) imported US$95.7 million, up 9.5% on-year and taking up 7.1% of the market. The main importers of this bloc were Singapore and Thailand, with imports amounting to US$27.9 million (down 1.4%) and US$27.32 million (up 67.1%), respectively.


Brazil imported Vietnamese pangasius for US$84.7 million, which represented an increase of 64.6% compared to the same period of 2012.

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