December 16, 2020


New York startup Simulate launches plant-based chicken patties called Discs


Simulate, a New York-based tech startup, has launched its latest product called Discs, a plant-based chicken patty made from soy and wheat protein, Green Queen reported.


The product is available only in the United States (except Hawaii and Alaska) through the company's website, priced at US$34.99 eight-patty box and a US$44.90 16-patty box. Each serving contains 17g of protein.


The new Discs come after its flagship product called Nuggs, which are plant-based nuggets.


By giving their products a brand name, Simulate is able to avoid attempts by major meat producers and meat industry lobbyists to ban meat-related terms such as sausages, burgers, or steaks for plant-based alternative meat products.


The European Union had recently voted to allow these meat-related terms to be used for plant-based alternative meats, recognising that consumers are not misled by these terms and understand the difference between faux meat and actual meat.


Simulate compares its company operations to a software firm. The company continuously informs consumers about how it improves its formula akin to "software updates", as it receives consumer feedback from its customers who are "beta testers".


- Green Queen

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