December 16, 2019


Lallemand, Dendris partner to advance precision feeding for ruminants




Lallemand Animal Nutrition has entered a research and development partnership with French biotech firm Dendris to focus on developing a monitoring tool to characterise microbial fibrolytic activity in the ruminant digestive tract.

The goal of the new tool is to evaluate the effect of nutritional interventions, including probiotic supplementation, on the functional activity of the digestive microbiota. This research tool will help advance precision feeding for ruminants and help in the development of diet formulations or new feed additives aimed at maximising energy released from fiber degradation. The companies believe the work will improve animal efficiency in a sustainable way.

Dr. Frédérique Chaucheyras-Durand is leading the project for Lallemand Animal Nutrition. She explained: "Following an initial phase of prototype development in collaboration with the MEDIS team from INRA and Clermont Auvergne University - during which we selected about 400 key microbial genes involved in fiber digestion — we have pinpointed 60 significant genes, which are our biomarkers of cellulose and hemicellulose degradation. We are now entering a new and exciting phase with Dendris to design a simplified functional biochip to more quickly evaluate the expression of these biomarkers in ruminant digesta. As we are gaining a better understanding of the ruminant microbiota, this new tool will help us evaluate the effect of different dietary conditions, for instance the supply of feed additives, on key functions of this microbiota."

She added: "We have selected Dendris as a partner to develop this tool based on their strong expertise in biochip design. The company has unique a technology platform, DendrisChip, which offers the highest sensitivity on the market."

- Lallemand

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