December 16, 2005


Lallemand's probiotic Bactocell®, Levucell®SB granted permanent European approval



Lallemand recently announced that the European Commission has granted permanent authorisation to its probiotic Bactocell® (specific strain Pediococcus acidilactici MA 18/5M, deposited at Institut Pasteur) for use as a zootechnical feed additive in fattening pigs, under the authorisation number E1712 (Regulation 2036/2005). The numerous trials submitted to the authorities proved the safety, tolerance and efficacy of this specific lactic acid bacteria. Bactocell® efficacy claims include: significant improvement of pig growth (ADG) and feed efficacy and a tendency to enhance meat quality (improved lean meat content). The additive has been through a strict and unique registration process that remains an excellent guarantee for the whole chain - from the feed producer down to the consumer - about the product origin, efficacy and safety.


The probiotic strain in Bactocell® has been specially selected for its unique mode of action and various benefits in monogastric species. Its efficacy has been shown across various monogastric species and it has been permanently authorised for use in fattening chickens last July.


Bactocell® optimises the nutritional value of the feed, both liquid and solid, by producing important amounts of lactic acid, and is used to improve performances and meat quality in fattening pigs. It is also widely recognised to help ensure safety of the feed and of the animal digestive tract. It does so by controlling pathogens' growth within the feed, the liquid feeding system and the animal gut. As a result, diarrhoeas and health-related costs are considerably reduced for the farmer.


Lallemand has also been granted permanent authorisation from the European Commission for the use of its live yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii I-1079 (Levucell®SB) as a natural feed additive in sows under the number E1703 (Regulation 2036/2005). Following its definitive authorisation in piglets in October 2003, Levucell®SB is now fully available to help control the full peripartum period, a critical phase in pig production. The European authorisation is the highest mark of recognition of the live yeast's ability to enhance feed efficacy and feed intake in sows and increase litter growth rate, while decreasing piglets' mortality rate.


New independent trials were submitted to the authorities to confirm the product's efficacy and tolerance in sows. Altogether, the new international trials studied over 450 sows in late gestation and during lactation. They showed that live yeast Levucell®SB significantly decreased weight loss in sows during lactation, while significantly increasing litter growth rate as well as piglet survival before weaning.


Yannig Le Treut, Monogastrics Marketing Director, commented, "One of the major trends in today's European pig industry is the hyper-prolific sow, with its significant negative impact on piglet growth and survival, a concern for animal health professionals. The proven benefits of Levucell®SB for sows and their litter during the critical periods of gestation and lactation can considerably help pig producers and breeders facing the issues linked to hyper-prolificacy: piglets are more vigorous and heavier at birth, their growth and survival is improved."


Lallemand Inc. is a privately held Canadian company specialising in yeast, bacteria and yeast derivatives, for the animal nutrition, baking, winemaking and pharmaceutical industries. Lallemand is the only major supplier of yeast and bacteria that is a primary producer of both.


Lallemand Animal Nutrition is dedicated to the development, production, and marketing of yeast, bacteria and high value yeast derivatives for agricultural applications. Core products are live bacteria for probiotics and silage inoculants, active dry yeast for probiotics, and inactive yeast mineral supplements. The company also supplies a range of related animal health and nutrition products, including yeast cell fractions and mineral enriched yeasts. Lallemand is a major supplier of probiotics and silage inoculants in Europe and North America. It also has a growing presence in Asia, Africa, and South America. For additional information, please visit

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