December 15, 2020


CP Foods Thailand pledges responsible corn sourcing


In a press release, Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CP Foods) reassures the company only buys corn of responsible and traceable origin, which have legal land documents and have proven their non-involvement with forest encroachment, in an effort to mitigate its environmental footprint.

Farmers with legal land deed can sell their produce for a better-than-market price at 17 corn-purchase points, including 15 CP Foods' feed mills across the country, and two new corn-purchase stations near the plantation field in Uthai Thani and Nakhon Ratchasima provinces. 

Woraphot Suratwisit, vice president of Bangkok Produce Merchandising PLC which supplies raw materials to CP Foods' feed mills, says that the company together with CP Foods' feed mills facilitate local farmers by launching corn purchasing points under the responsible raw material sourcing campaign called "Farmer Self Sufficiency Maize Sustainability".

"The project mainly focuses on helping small-sized farmers by providing the arrangement of harvest and transportation trucks for farmers participating in the project and the provision of partial financial supports to reduce their production cost and address the labour shortage issue," Woraphot adds. 

To ensure that the corn is sustainably sourced, CP Foods only accepts corn from farmers who can show proper land documents and are registered with the Corn Traceability system. Moreover, their farms must not burn corn cobs. Suppliers have been asked to share truck GPS locations to CP Foods to enhance the transparency of the Corn Traceability system. 

CP Foods implemented the Corn Traceability system in early 2016 in sourcing corn for its feed mills, as a testament to its intention to buy only corn grown sustainably.