December 15, 2009


Melamine rears ugly head in China's milk again



Employees from a Chinese dairy company have been arrested on suspicion of selling tonnes of melamine-tainted milk powder.


Three people from Shaanxi Jinqiao Dairy Co, in northern Shaanxi Province, have been detained and accused of producing and selling toxic food.


This follows just over a year after a nationwide contamination scandal involving the lacing of milk powder with melamine, killing six and sickened hundreds of thousands of people.


The general manager and two employees of Shaanxi Jinqiao Dairy were accused of selling more than five tonnes of contaminated milk powder to a food additive firm in the southern region of Guangxi in September. The Nanning Yueqian food additive company uncovered the contamination last month, leading to the arrests on December 2.


None of the product had reached the market and all of it had been recovered, said Xu Qiang, deputy head of the regional public security department.


In November, China executed two people for their part in the 2008 contamination scandal that led to worldwide recall of products that contained Chinese milk.

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