December 15, 2004



Ukraine Exported 2 Million Tons of 2004 Crop Wheat


Ukraine exported 614,000 tons of wheat in October, up 21 percent from the previous month, according to a representative of State Statistics Committee told APK-Inform.


Average contractual price for wheat exported in October was $109 per ton compared with $104 per ton in September.


The largest amounts of wheat in October were exported to Indonesia (122,000 tons), Spain (86,000 tons), Italy (69,000 tons), Israel (67,000 tons), South Korea (53,000 tons). Among the other purchasers of Ukrainian wheat in October include Morocco, Algeria, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Hungary, USA, Germany, the Philippines.


In November, preliminary estimates of APK-Inform analysts state that Ukrainian exporters shipped about 500,000 tons of wheat; another 200,000 to 250,000 tons were exported over the first two weeks of December. Thus, the total export of wheat since the start of the season (July) until the current moment has constituted about 2 million tons.


Over the whole 2004/05 MY (July to June), Ukraine might export 4.2 million tons of wheat. The export in the MY 2003/04, due to the crop failure, was just 47,000 tons according to forecasts of APK-Inform analysts.

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