December 14, 2023


World's first fully automated beef boning programme to open in Australia


The world's first fully automated beef boning programme is set to host a major pre-production demonstration JBS Australia's Brooklyn, Victoria facility, focusing on a striploin cutting module as part of the LEAP4Beef initiative, Beef Central reported.


Following the success of an earlier project automating lamb cutting, LEAP4Beef aims to apply these learnings to revolutionise the beef processing sector. Once fully developed, the system promises large-scale, high throughput, and sophisticated automation to enhance cutting accuracy and maximize yield.


Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) CEO, Chris Taylor said that the technology aims to improve workplace health and safety, increase processing efficiency, and enhance profitability.


The prototype module at JBS Australia will initially concentrate on striploin-rack-chine removal, employing a simple sensing approach before implementing an advanced sensing system for precise automated cutting.


The prototype marks a crucial step in making this transformative technology accessible to the industry. Plans for an industry demonstration event are underway to gather feedback and assess interest from processors willing to host future stages of the project.


LEAP4Beef is a collaborative effort involving the AMPC, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), and Scott Automation and Robotics in partnership with JBS Australia. The project follows the successful development of pre-prototypes by Scott as part of a recent MLA Donor Company initiative with Teys Australia, demonstrating substantial benefits, including an AUD 29 (US$19.47)/head advantage and significant labour savings.


The modular deboning approach, akin to the lamb LEAP automation system, has shown potential for high return on investment, addressing yield recovery, labour efficiency, safety, and quality. Processing facilities can adopt the technology incrementally, starting with the highest return modules and adding further modules sequentially.


Jason Strong, MLA managing director, said the project is important in helping the industry enhance safety, streamline boning operations, and improve yield and profitability. He said it is another example of the Australian red meat industry leading the world with technology and innovation and showing the strong collaboration in R&D between MLA and AMPC.


John Kippenberger, Scott Technology CEO, expressed the importance of local processor feedback throughout the project stages and highlighted the global application and demand for this cutting-edge beef cutting automation technology.


-      Beef Central

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