December 14, 2021


Argentina and EU join systems that issue health certificates for animal products


Argentina and the European Union have integrated their systems for issuing health certificates with electronic signatures for exports of animal products and by-products.


Argentina's National Food Safety and Quality Service (Senasa) and the EU's Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG-SANTE) agreed to unify the Integrated Health Certification Management System (SIGCER) and the integrated computerised veterinary trade control systems (TRACES NT) for the issuance of health certificates for exports from Argentina to the bloc.


As of December 1, the integration of both systems comes into force, which marks the beginning of the electronic certification of all products and by-products of animal origin destined for EU member states.


At this initial stage, products covered by the model certificate POU of EU Regulation No. 2235/2020, as amended by Regulation 1471/2021, "fresh meat of poultry", will be certified, and other products and by-products of animal origin for export to the EU will continue to be included.


- SENASA (Argentina)