December 14, 2020


Russia to produce 4.3 million tonnes of pork this year



Russia will produce 4.3 million tonnes of pork (slaughter weight) in 2020 - 9.7% more than 2019, according to the National Union of Pig Breeders.


According to the union's general director, Yuri Kovalev, at the international conference "Russian pig farming 2020-2025," the growth in agricultural enterprises will be 11.8% higher, at 3.8 million tonnes.


"The total increase in production may exceed 380 thousand tonnes, which is two times more than in 2019," he said.


For private farms, a 4.2% decline is forecasted to 455.5 thousand tonnes. Farmers' production will also decline by 5.8%, to 38,000 tonnes.


Based on the union's forecast, the export of pork, including fat and offal, this year will increase by almost 80,000 tonnes (74%), and will reach 188,000 tonnes. Together with a decrease in imports by 73,000 tonnes, 153,000 tonnes of pork will be removed from the market.


In value terms, pork exports will grow by 80%, to $316 million, and this will also happen due to an increase in the share of meat in the total structure of pork exports, which also includes pork fat and offal. In the total structure of the value of meat exports, the share of pig products will reach 37%. The union estimates the cost of meat exports this year at $845 million (506,000 tonnes), which is 45% (50%) more than last year.


According to the union, Russian pork was exported to 20 countries globally in 2020.


Moreover, 90% of supplies went to Vietnam (an increase to 57,000 tonnes from 11.3 thousand tonnes last year), Hong Kong (49.9 thousand tonnes against 26.9 thousand tonnes), Ukraine (up to 39.6 thousand tonnes tons against 30.3 thousand tonnes) and Belarus (reduction to 22.5 thousand tonnes from 23.6 thousand tonnes).


As noted by Kovalev, the unloading of the market in the conditions of oversaturation, as well as a number of other factors, contributed to the growth in demand for pork in the third quarter and, accordingly, to the rise in prices.


- Finmarket (Russia)

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